Injured In An Accident? You Need a Doctor!
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You’ve been injured. . . and you need a doctor!
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Because, no matter how minor the accident may initially seem, injuries can sometimes take days or even weeks to show up.
The best course of action is to be examined and evaluated by a doctor.

Our Accident and Injury Doctors can provide you with expert care when you’ve been injured.
 Accident-Injury Doctors are happy to accept Personal Injury patients.

When you’ve been in a traffic accident, have fallen and hurt yourself,
been bitten by a neighbor’s dog or been injured at work, our Accident Injury Doctors can help.
Our providers will perform initial exams and evaluations; prescribe treatments, prescriptions, diagnostic exams.

Depending on your injuries and your needs, our Las Vegas Accident Injury Doctors can also provide referrals to pain management doctors, specialists and physical therapists.
No matter what your injuries may be, from minor to severe, our Accident Injury Doctors can treat
your injuries and help you recover.